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Custom templates and color palettes
Select the best template and color scheme for your rental





Custom domain
You have full control over your website and branding

Enquiry management
Enquiry management or direct to your inbox. Use one email for all listing sites.

Content management
The last word in content management, calendars, maps, details and tariffs.

Multiple languages
Market your vacation rentals in multiple languages. We'll take care of the site translation.
(Note: Does not include property description translations)

Bespoke custom design
Have a design or brand style in mind? We can work with you to create it

Powering your payments
If you want to improve your rental strategy and marketing, we'd love to talk to you.

What you get?
Effortlessly take secure online payments without a merchant account

Virtual terminal

Take payments over the phone using our virtual terminal

Multiple currencies

We currently support GBP, USD, CAD & EUR with more coming soon

Direct to your bank

Direct to your bank account within four to seven days

No set-up / monthly fees

Easy to get started with great support & no monthly or set-up fees

Custom bank descriptor

Customise your bank statement & invoice descriptor

100% PCI compliant

Rest easy knowing that our payment platform is 100% PCI compliant

Take payments online

Integrate with your existing website or make a new one (free)

14+ years experience

We've had over 14 years experience in the vacation rental industry

Payment solution for vacation rentals
Effortlessly take secure online payments without a merchant account

Payments made simple

We know how important it is to be able to take an immediate payment from a guest to secure their booking. With our Rentivo web based payment system, you will be able to process card transactions online without any special hardware or a merchant account if you wish.

It's a virtual system that allows you to process deposit and balance payments for your bookings. You can create a booking structured to your own specific negotiations or tariff structures and with associated extras, discounts or any special arrangements you have made. Simply email the payment request to be completed by the traveler in their own time. No complex tariff manipulations, just a flexible approach to quotations and payments.

Frequently asked questions?

Do I need a merchant account?

You do not need a merchant account. That's why Rentivo is perfect. Our rates are low and we handle all of the technology.

How long does it take to get started?

We are currently trialing our payment services with a group of select agents. You can get in touch with us and we'll discuss the options available.

I already have a merchant and payment gateway?

We integrate with 52 different Payment Gateways in 71 countries. You can still take full advantage of your own virtual terminal and process your own payments powered by our technology.

From direct marketing to channel management

Direct marketing

Never forget your previous customers. They may be a rich source of re-bookings. Use email, snail mail, online Christmas cards or social media to your connections.

  • No loss of commission to the marketplaces
  • Familiar guests and will have no expectations
  • You understand guests likes and dislikes

Social marketing

Your guests are almost invariably connected to a social network. Tapping into the social community can bring new business and touch on previous custom. The rules for marketing are different however and advice is needed to avoid the pitfalls. Many tools are available to help you.

  • Do not sell the property, sell the experience
  • Let people know about the area
  • Events, news and people are hot topics
  • Google likes fresh content
  • Use G+ to improve your search positions

Specialist advertising

The major marketplaces are just too big to be seen and if you have a specialist niche then why not search out those websites that work. Pet friendly, disabled facilities, glamping are a small sample of specialist groups.

  • Cheaper advertising
  • People looking specifically for what you provide
  • Build a niche customer base
  • Niche customers return more often.

Pay-per-click or Pay-per-impression

To reach number one on many websites and in particular Google, you are obliged to pay and compete for the space in a keyword auction. Some find this a very successful route others much less so. Facebook and other social media have similar schemes.

  • Manage payments daily
  • Per for very specific keywords
  • Show up before marketplaces (for property name)
  • Target specific audiences

Local or international associations

Marketplaces are nothing more than large collections of properties in a single web space. Local associations can be a good source of enquiries and can aggregate large numbers of active owners giving local search dominance opportunities and access to groups wanting organised accommodation.

  • Cheaper advertising
  • Referral bookings from other members
  • Strong local search positions

Marketplace channels

The term everybody associates with “Channels”. These are the OTA’s that can be expensive to advertise on or charge commissions on bookings.

  • High volumes of enquiries
  • Bookings based on commissions

Channel management

Smaller niche websites and associations may need manual updates to prices and calendars and similarly the large OTA’s also have these services. Using many channels can be tiresome and calendar updates in particular may need daily updates. Some OTA’s will rank your listing position based on how often your update your property and automation is important.

Booking/Property Management Systems can help and many are available. These systems may provide simple iCAL feeds for calendar updates on external sites or may have more complex booking and tariff management.

Rental descriptions & translations

Your rental's photography is often the first opportunity that you have to appeal to guests. The photography helps to hook and reel in the travellers, but your description and well written copytext is primarily what converts your rental bookings. Without a high-quality description, your rental will just blend into the morass of unimpressive and characterless properties.

We can write a well-researched, 350-600 word description for your rental and translate it into multiple languages. You can then use this copytext rights free, on any marketing material or website. This service is ideally suited to individual home owners and agencies of any size who wish to broaden their marketing to include multiple countries.

Hand written

High quality descriptions all written by hand

5+ languages

German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, English...

Well researched

Property information and local areas are diligently researched

Fluent translations

No computers / automation. 100% fluent.

Once we have receive your brief and details on each property, we can have your project completed within approximately 2-5 days. (Dependant on complexity and if translations required).

Rental description copytext in English

We will write a high quality, well-researched description for your rental (350-600 words). Discounted rates available for multiple rentals in the same project.

from £35

Translation service

We will translate your rental description into a choice of French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Dutch. Discounted rates are available for multiple translations.

from £45

Widgets for your website
Choose from embeddable Calendars, Image galleries, Custom Enquiry forms to receive messages from potential guests or even include an interactive Google Map to show all of your rentals.

What widgets are available?

  • Simple calendar availability
  • Image gallery and slider
  • Short property summary
  • Google maps for agents
  • Rates and pricing
  • Request a custom widget
  • And many more!

iFrame availability
Place the < iframe > code on your website with your Rental ID for instant availability updates.

What you get

  • Import your availability
  • Synchronise with all providers
  • iCal import and export
  • Embed calendar on any website
  • Easy iFrame include
  • Responsive design fits any size
  • International support with multi-languages

Google maps clustering widget

What you get

  • Customize the markers
  • Free from branding available
  • Embed on ANY website
  • Supports 1 to 10000+ rentals
  • Design a custom popup window

Rates and pricing

What you get

  • Select your currency
  • Display changeover dates
  • Enable currency conversions
  • Translatable in 12+ languages
  • International support with multi-languages
  • Include custom messages

Multi property availability

Property image gallery
Once you upload your images to your rental on Rentivo you can create an embeddable image gallery or slider. We have lots of different designs for image galleries!

Request a widget
All of the elements on Rentivo are embeddable to any website. Rentivo has been built to be totally modular and fit together like a jig-saw. If there isn't an existing widget suitable for your requirements you can hire a developer to create one for you.

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