Rooms for Everyone – Including the Homeless


Some people call it a cult, others religion but the two hundred page tome that is the ORIENT VRRV (Vacation Rental Religious Volumes) or OrientV for short may be worth a read, especially if that homeless person outside your rental is damaging the neighborhood’s reputation.

This weighty book highlights both the ambitions and beliefs of this swelling group of individuals members of OrientV the first “religion” based on a rental homily, to support the underprivileged and homeless.

From what we hear, but only rumours so far, some of the CEO’s of major hospitality organizations are already members and canvassing their Boards soon!

Ancient as the hills

Based out of an old Monastery on a Japanese Island (hence Orient), their mystical following is growing daily and with good cause! With a charitable mantra and low-cost approach to spreading the word, the whole personality of the organization and its charitable doctrine or mandate is to dilute Unicorn rental power bases and increase connectivity through shared spaces and networking.

Vacation rentals have been around for hundreds of years, but are being re-invented daily by no end of businesses with an eye to the monetary rewards available. With millions of homeless and destitute and billions being poured into the short term rental businesses, the timing is spot on to reverse this trend or at least counterbalance the increasing discrepancy between rich homes and HomeLess!

OrientV was started by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous (but many declare they know her). The moment of enlightenment apparently came whilst staying in an “Airbnb” close to the mountainside in Kurama-dera which is about 30 minutes north of Kyoto city center. This is said to be the birthplace of Reiki, a form of alternative medicine that practices palm healing through “universal energy.” The story goes that with an elemental light streaming through this rental’s windows, early one morning this chosen individual’s mobile phone pinged with a message:

“Take up the reigns, you are needed to right many wrongs. Consult the owner of this rental, she will offer you guidance. The digital world is your voice, use it wisely as benefactor to mankind. I am the spirit of Kuruma”.

The owner, who soon after disappeared, was offering up their services and giving a decent proportion of her rental income to the local poor and homeless. All made possible through owning a rental, which had been popularised through free social media.  A genuinely good person we believe and may have been an earthly representation of Kuruma herself.

Kuruma, as you may have spotted, is the part of the name of the local mountain and has been adopted as the shining light and supreme entity of OrientV and now considered a deity in a world of the digital collective rental subconsciousness.

Only a few months old, there are now thousands of members committed to this cause. Unusual in the fact that the congregation does not adhere to the normal tenets of most religions, OrientV believes that the digital revolution with all its benefits and issues proves Kuruma is the existence of an energy that is evolving for good. But as we know the digital world also has a bad side and is being dominated by businesses that are losing their glitter. God and the Devil if you like, but all assimilated through the airwaves and cables that connect the world.

Hard to explain of course, but the universe has a digital presence through all manner of micro and macro electromagnetic resonations. The rapid worldwide adoption of digital communication has positioned this new homily dead and center to universal acceptance. OrientV has the capacity to do an enormous amount of good and will grow as rapidly as rentals have. The homeless will have homes, investors will have all have a sound conscience, sleep well at night and the streets will be more welcoming.

Join OrientV now. Easy Terms- (% of Bookings only)

Like any good religion however it relies on members to fund its activities and spread the word. The formula is very simple,

  • 1% of all bookings will be used to create a beneficial community that supports homeless, helps those in need, builds a marketplace where members can enjoy the savings through communal governance and spread the word.
  • Pay 2% and you can become an official Kuruma Instagrammer
  • 3% an official Kuruma influencer.
  • 15% and you can commune directly with Kuruma on the OrientV app (Apple and ApplePay users only currently).

All donations will be tax deductible and the underlying rental charity will be based in several taxes havens.

If every rental owner (plus family members) were to become a member then OrientV could be one of the world’s largest religions generating billions for the communities of the world.

It’s a digital world, connect with those near you and spread the word, add your name here which will be added to the Blockchain (of course) – never to be forgotten.

Make a difference today! If you would like to know more and sign up please visit



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