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Owners Beautiful single property sites
Managers Multi-property sites & Owners support microsites
Support Unlimited hosting, backup and bandwidth
SEO Aligned to latest SEO recommendations
Mobile Our number one priority. Fully Responsive
Domains Your own custom domain
Full design control Templates, colours, logos, mapping, backgrounds etc
CSS control For those with more in depth design skills
Multi-Lingual Choose from several language variants
Property information Unlimited photos, extensive property data, tariffs etc
Filters Fast filters for property search
Content Content management tools
Email A Rentivo email address
Secure storage Keep all correspondence in one place
Additional addresses Set up secondary emails
One source Update in Rentivo or import
Embeddable Embed your calendar on external sites
Updates Export your calendar data to other sites
Calendar Calendar widgets for external sites
Tariffs Embeddable tariff widgets
Maps Embeddable mapping widgets
Rentivo managed Fast approval
Quotes Create quotes and send payment links
Virtual terminal Use the Vacaypay virtual terminal
Book online From web to bank account
Direct Payments made direct to your account
No delays Booking money is not held back
Deposit refunds A Vacaypal feature
Marketplace advice Based on industry/user data
Discounts Advisory discounts from suppliers/experts
Links Network partner link building
Brand Brand opportunities with partners
Free Marketplace Free for life on the Rentivo marketplace
Content management Site content management
Languages Mulit-Lingual sites
PMS Systems
Integration PMS partner systems
Evolving More data exchange features added daily

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