Widgets for your website
Choose from embeddable Calendars, Image galleries, Custom Enquiry forms to receive messages from potential guests or even include an interactive Google Map to show all of your rentals.

What widgets are available?

  • Simple calendar availability
  • Image gallery and slider
  • Short property summary
  • Google maps for agents
  • Rates and pricing
  • Request a custom widget
  • And many more!

iFrame availability
Place the < iframe > code on your website with your Rental ID for instant availability updates.

What you get

  • Import your availability
  • Synchronise with all providers
  • iCal import and export
  • Embed calendar on any website
  • Easy iFrame include
  • Responsive design fits any size
  • International support with multi-languages

Google maps clustering widget

What you get

  • Customize the markers
  • Free from branding available
  • Embed on ANY website
  • Supports 1 to 10000+ rentals
  • Design a custom popup window

Rates and pricing

What you get

  • Select your currency
  • Display changeover dates
  • Enable currency conversions
  • Translatable in 12+ languages
  • International support with multi-languages
  • Include custom messages

Multi property availability

Property image gallery
Once you upload your images to your rental on Rentivo you can create an embeddable image gallery or slider. We have lots of different designs for image galleries!

Request a widget
All of the elements on Rentivo are embeddable to any website. Rentivo has been built to be totally modular and fit together like a jig-saw. If there isn't an existing widget suitable for your requirements you can hire a developer to create one for you.

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