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Here’s how credit lines, wire transfers & niches can help your direct bookings

It’s a tall order in a world of big business. No wonder, with so much interest by large corporations hauling a growing world of mixed inventory into their silos.

No doubt about it, they fit a part of a mixed marketing strategy, so don’t ignore them! However, concerns on control, pricing, margins and terms mean there is little actual love in these relationships. Hotels have been facing these problems and now have a world of new businesses starting up to help them be in greater control. They even have their own Direct Booking Summit.

What else can be done apart from the usual advice on websites, smart payment methods, correct on-site messaging, great media? Get all these right but think out of the box and focus on the things large companies struggle with. Here are a few thoughts and businesses that can help to ensure the guests come directly to you.

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HomeAway are trying to remove your property name. Here’s why you can’t let them.

HomeAway are pushing owners & managers to remove their property names from listings in order to reduce “leakage”. We discuss why this idea is preposterous and how it doesn’t apply to similar industries. Here’s why you should promote your name and not become a faceless “no name brand”.

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Increase Bookings With Practical Immersive 3D Plans And Tours

3min read on how you can increase bookings by using immersive 3D tours for your vacation rental.

Use visual content to convert more bookings

We all want to engage, delight and easily convert visitors browsing our listings and then entice them back year after year. This is getting harder all the time but there is one simple way to help our beautiful holiday properties sell themselves and providing incredible visual content is actually one of the easiest things we can do. Allowing viewers to see, explore and understand your listing is the only way they will form a true connection to win them over.

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Crash Course In Online Marketing Channels For Vacation Rentals

It’s hard to research listing website independence for longer than a few minutes without running into a myriad of acronyms like SEO, PPC, SEM and more. As a vacation rental owner and marketer, you’ve got a lot going on to running your business and digital marketing flash cards don’t come with most rental homes.

Today, I’m here to give you a crash course on the various digital marketing channels for vacation rental owners and marketers. After reading this post, you’ll have a fantastic understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of each channel or source of traffic, where to get started with some reading resources and how to best create a plan of attack for improving your digital marketing.

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3 Reasons Why Great Copy Improves Bookings

Do property descriptions and other written web content really make a difference when it comes to vacation rental bookings? Or do snazzy pictures do all the talking?

As suppliers of words at Guest Hook, our answer is obviously that words matter. Let us explain why that’s especially true in the vacation rental industry.

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Guest Service Fees Explained


If you have arrived at this page then you may well have searched for “Guest Service Fees”, why you are being asked to pay them when booking a vacation rental and why they even exist!

These terms are more and more often found when a booking for accommodation is made via an online travel site (OTA). There are two examples shown below relating specifically to holiday rentals.

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Duck Hawk Your Vacation Rental Inquiries & Dramatically Increase Your Bookings

A 10min  guide to answering vacation rental inquiries.

What’s a Duck Hawk?

The Peregrine Falcon, also known as the “Duck Hawk”, is widely regarded as the fastest animal in the animal kingdom. They are tenacious hunters reaching speeds of over 200mph, catching moving prey MID-FLIGHT.

Duck Hawk’s are awesome.

Why am I talking about the Duck Hawk? Because you can radically improve your conversion rate / bookings and become top of your vacation rental food chain by answering guest inquiries with the speed & bodacity of a Duck Hawk.

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Phone Calls vs Book Now – Mobile Pushes Online Booking Aside

In March 2015 the TripAdvisor® Vacation Rentals Survey, showed  VR stays are on the  rise with 59 per cent of more than 1,800 U.S. survey respondents planning to stay at a rental in 2015. What’s more is that  87 per cent were deemed more likely to book a vacation rental because of an online presence.

Marketing, increased awareness, economics, changing demographics and consumer habits have all played a part in this.

When it comes to making a booking in a rental, again we have seen massive changes, impressed upon us by OTA’s with ambitions to filter rentals into the hotel booking channel.

Mobile has been lauded as the next big converter. No argument, but it has problems for OTA’s

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Get More Bookings, It’s Easy – Part 1: Technology Is Driving Business

Edition 1.

Well the title is not strictly true. What we should have said is:

“Get more bookings, it’s easy but you need to put in more work!”

However, we do know from our own metrics, this is a key phrase and increasingly so. Technology tells us why this is and it is very clear we all need to be more online savvy and increase our focus and knowledge.

If you are seeing the need to up your game and fend off competition, we are offering this free advice based on our experiences, thousands of processed bookings and traffic stats.

This blog post is “Edition 1”, and the subsequent  editions will cover the challenges that all managers and owners now face and methods to overcome them. This content is especially appropriate in light of the marketplace drive to monetise the bookings themselves and dilute direct personal and “off-marketplace” site communication.

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The ideal self-catering inventory to maximise bookings

There are certain items which customers will expect in their holiday homes, others which they will hope for. Although a self-catering market means that you are not required to push the boat out that extra step, some very simple additions to your property will make it memorable and instantly attractive.

Holiday Rental Banner

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