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Round the clock rentals… Are you feeling stressed? We have some ideas.

This short post questions the levels of stress encountered by hosts in recent years as vacation rentals become more mainstream and less understood by the guests.

Question: Are you getting more stressed about your rental business?

If you answered yes then you probably know the reason why. You are working harder and over a longer period of the day for the same result.

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HomeAway are trying to remove your property name. Here’s why you can’t let them.

HomeAway are pushing owners & managers to remove their property names from listings in order to reduce “leakage”. We discuss why this idea is preposterous and how it doesn’t apply to similar industries. Here’s why you should promote your name and not become a faceless “no name brand”.

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Dear Guests, Don’t Know Who You’re Booking With? Here’s What The T&C’s Say

A 5min read  about the increasing guest confusion because they don’t know who they’re booking with.

How many times have you blithely clicked through and just agreed to terms and conditions on any e-commerce site? You know when you get to this stage of a process, whether it’s buying a bar of soap or making a holiday booking, this most important option is left to the last page.

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Increase Bookings With Practical Immersive 3D Plans And Tours

3min read on how you can increase bookings by using immersive 3D tours for your vacation rental.

Use visual content to convert more bookings

We all want to engage, delight and easily convert visitors browsing our listings and then entice them back year after year. This is getting harder all the time but there is one simple way to help our beautiful holiday properties sell themselves and providing incredible visual content is actually one of the easiest things we can do. Allowing viewers to see, explore and understand your listing is the only way they will form a true connection to win them over.

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REGAIN CONTROL : Why your own vacation rental website matters.

5min read on why having your own vacation rental website matters.

I found myself realising that we don’t have a definitive page explaining why a website isn’t just a luxury for vacation rental professionals, but instead should be seen as a necessity.

Many managers recognise the growing need for a website, and while we may think everyone understands why, the simple matter is that this industry is so complex that often the obvious answers are shrouded behind obtuse reasons.

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3 Reasons VRBO Is Making It More Necessary Than Ever to Work with a Property Manager  

Andrew McConnell discusses 3 reasons why it looks like now is the time to work with a professional vacation rental manager.

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26,000 Clicks Later – The 32 Most Read Vacation Rental Articles From Our Newsletter

Since VR Weekly’s inception before Christmas, the newsletter has received 110,000 opens and over 26,000 clicks to articles we feature.

Our goal has been and is still to “make vacation rental professionals better” by curating useful content every week. The positive response we’ve received from both owners, managers and content providers is overwhelming. Thank you.

Therefore, I thought I’d share with you the 32 most read articles over the last 24 publications and 250 shared links – just incase you missed out.

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Crash Course In Online Marketing Channels For Vacation Rentals

It’s hard to research listing website independence for longer than a few minutes without running into a myriad of acronyms like SEO, PPC, SEM and more. As a vacation rental owner and marketer, you’ve got a lot going on to running your business and digital marketing flash cards don’t come with most rental homes.

Today, I’m here to give you a crash course on the various digital marketing channels for vacation rental owners and marketers. After reading this post, you’ll have a fantastic understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of each channel or source of traffic, where to get started with some reading resources and how to best create a plan of attack for improving your digital marketing.

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The Vacation Rental Guide To Your Custom Email Address

Last month I was at an event happily chatting away to some managers,  networking and talking about the latest industry developments and upon finalising a great discussion with one of the managers, she handed me a business card. I had to hold in my shock for the contents I saw printed on the card.

[email protected]

It had a free ISP email address ( as the contact email for her business!

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3 Reasons Why Great Copy Improves Bookings

Do property descriptions and other written web content really make a difference when it comes to vacation rental bookings? Or do snazzy pictures do all the talking?

As suppliers of words at Guest Hook, our answer is obviously that words matter. Let us explain why that’s especially true in the vacation rental industry.

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