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The Cookie Watchers

We have all heard of cookies and seen the cookie tracker approval or denial “pop ups” on websites. Have you ever really wondered what they are and what they do?

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Simple things every property description needs to succeed

Don’t underestimate the ability a property description has to boost your bookings. Customers will rely heavily on your blurb and it should be a dazzling first impression, not a deal breaker. Photos will tempt people, but an informative, eloquent and interesting piece of text could turn their inclination into a booking. People are not going to know how good your property is unless you tell them!

Holiday Rental Banner

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7 factors for the perfect vacation rental price

Piggy BankYou want to hit the nail on the head when it comes to pricing your property. By getting the price just right, you ensure both that you won’t be short-changed, and that your rates aren’t so high that they scare off potential guests. There are a few steps that you can follow to help you find your optimum rate;

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Top 6 reasons why holidaymakers aren’t booking


It’s inevitably disappointing when you strike up a dialogue with a traveller, liaising back and forth with enquiries, and they choose not to make a booking. Fear not, a lot of research has gone into asking holiday makers why they decide not to confirm, and 5 key reasons have been derived from the results.

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A new way to think about your holiday home enquiries, responses and timing

Responsive and Ready

Responding to enquiries quickly and efficiently is a sure-fire way to ensure they lead to a booking. If you give an excellent impression early on, a traveller is far more likely to stick with you. As well as a friendly proprietor, you also need to be a professional businessman; this combination will fill your availability calendar very quickly. As soon as you hear from someone about your property, approach them as if they were a guest staying in your home. These people want to stay in your property, so make them feel welcome as if they were already there, and they will feel at home from the start.

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