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Increase Bookings With Practical Immersive 3D Plans And Tours

3min read on how you can increase bookings by using immersive 3D tours for your vacation rental.

Use visual content to convert more bookings

We all want to engage, delight and easily convert visitors browsing our listings and then entice them back year after year. This is getting harder all the time but there is one simple way to help our beautiful holiday properties sell themselves and providing incredible visual content is actually one of the easiest things we can do. Allowing viewers to see, explore and understand your listing is the only way they will form a true connection to win them over.

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26,000 Clicks Later – The 32 Most Read Vacation Rental Articles From Our Newsletter

Since VR Weekly’s inception before Christmas, the newsletter has received 110,000 opens and over 26,000 clicks to articles we feature.

Our goal has been and is still to “make vacation rental professionals better” by curating useful content every week. The positive response we’ve received from both owners, managers and content providers is overwhelming. Thank you.

Therefore, I thought I’d share with you the 32 most read articles over the last 24 publications and 250 shared links – just incase you missed out.

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Guest Service Fees Explained


If you have arrived at this page then you may well have searched for “Guest Service Fees”, why you are being asked to pay them when booking a vacation rental and why they even exist!

These terms are more and more often found when a booking for accommodation is made via an online travel site (OTA). There are two examples shown below relating specifically to holiday rentals.

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Phone Calls vs Book Now – Mobile Pushes Online Booking Aside

In March 2015 the TripAdvisor® Vacation Rentals Survey, showed  VR stays are on the  rise with 59 per cent of more than 1,800 U.S. survey respondents planning to stay at a rental in 2015. What’s more is that  87 per cent were deemed more likely to book a vacation rental because of an online presence.

Marketing, increased awareness, economics, changing demographics and consumer habits have all played a part in this.

When it comes to making a booking in a rental, again we have seen massive changes, impressed upon us by OTA’s with ambitions to filter rentals into the hotel booking channel.

Mobile has been lauded as the next big converter. No argument, but it has problems for OTA’s

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Marketplaces Spawn Their Own Competitors – The Rise Of The Micro Manager

Marketplaces Spawn Their Own Competitors

The vacation rental industry is a hot spot right now and as we all know is having a number of effects on both micro-economic and macro-economic scales. Hotels are being affected, housing communities are challenging change of use and the tax authorities are watching closely with eyes of opportunity. Property prices are increasing in many areas again and this may even contribute to the next bubble.

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