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Airbnb, a risky business partner?

airbnb risky business

Whilst researching the rental press recently I was struck by  how the large corporations hold the “Sword of Damocles” over other much smaller company’s development and success. In fact they probably have no idea many exist and are almost irrelevant.

These corporations day to day decisions can impact hard working entrepreneurs in disastrous ways in the moment of a single press release or a simple technical change.

This is never more true than with Airbnb in the rental world. Over the last few years there has been a number of startups based on the explosive growth of this $30bn company!

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Part Two: What Owners & Managers Really Think About OTA’s (Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO etc)

A collection of honest, candid & funny remarks about OTA’s (online travel agencies) by vacation rental owners & managers -You won’t want to miss this!

OTA = Online Travel Agency (Such as Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, Owners Direct, etc).

A few months ago we released the results of our extremely popular OTA survey (Part One: What Owners & Managers Really Think About OTA’s).

We had well over 500 responses which pointed to a common discontent towards OTA’s. 90% of comments relate to:

  • The OTA’s greed: Increased commissions & guest service fees (up to 40% in some cases)
  • Increasing loss of business control
  • Reducing & blocking direct communication with guests
  • Overall lack of respect for the business at grass roots level

There were so many comments we decided to release them as the “second part” of this two-part series.

Please note: This makes up about 25% of the total comments! I’ve correct a few spelling mistakes & grammatical errors, so they read better. If you’d like to read the entire raw list, please email me for the .csv file (all participants will remain anonymous).

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Dear Guests, Don’t Know Who You’re Booking With? Here’s What The T&C’s Say

A 5min read  about the increasing guest confusion because they don’t know who they’re booking with.

How many times have you blithely clicked through and just agreed to terms and conditions on any e-commerce site? You know when you get to this stage of a process, whether it’s buying a bar of soap or making a holiday booking, this most important option is left to the last page.

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I Have Decided To Leave The OTA’s (HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, Airbnb etc)

Below is a comment left by a manager on our previous blog post (The Results Are In – What Owners & Managers Really Think About OTA’s). They’ve decided to leave OTA’s all together and have kindly given us permission to use their comment as an entirely new blog post.


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The Results Are In – What Owners & Managers Really Think About OTA’s (HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb etc)

Two weeks ago we sent out an email to our reader base asking for information on their use of the major OTA’s (Online Travel Agents, such as HomeAway, Airbnb & VRBO).

We were particularly interested in brand opinion, overall attitude, friction points and usage statistics.

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What Does The New Blue Booked Circle Mean On Homeaway?

Nope, we aren’t talking about crop circles but just as mysterious!

One our clients just asked a question of HomeAway’s “Blue Statistics Circle” There is a big blue “Booking Statistic” circle above a search on a destination. This number changes based on dates selected. Read more →

3 Reasons VRBO Is Making It More Necessary Than Ever to Work with a Property Manager  

Andrew McConnell discusses 3 reasons why it looks like now is the time to work with a professional vacation rental manager.

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26,000 Clicks Later – The 32 Most Read Vacation Rental Articles From Our Newsletter

Since VR Weekly’s inception before Christmas, the newsletter has received 110,000 opens and over 26,000 clicks to articles we feature.

Our goal has been and is still to “make vacation rental professionals better” by curating useful content every week. The positive response we’ve received from both owners, managers and content providers is overwhelming. Thank you.

Therefore, I thought I’d share with you the 32 most read articles over the last 24 publications and 250 shared links – just incase you missed out.

Read more → Secretly Removes “Cancel At Anytime Advert” – Booking.Whoops has quietly removed their “Cancel at anytime” advert after a recent backlash amongst the vacation rental industry.

The Advert

The original could be found here: but has since been removed. It can also be found on Live Leak here:

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Duck Hawk Your Vacation Rental Inquiries & Dramatically Increase Your Bookings

A 10min  guide to answering vacation rental inquiries.

What’s a Duck Hawk?

The Peregrine Falcon, also known as the “Duck Hawk”, is widely regarded as the fastest animal in the animal kingdom. They are tenacious hunters reaching speeds of over 200mph, catching moving prey MID-FLIGHT.

Duck Hawk’s are awesome.

Why am I talking about the Duck Hawk? Because you can radically improve your conversion rate / bookings and become top of your vacation rental food chain by answering guest inquiries with the speed & bodacity of a Duck Hawk.

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